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The slimming activator
is the protagonist of

The Slimming Activator*

a great goal of Cell-Plus research

A cosmetic formula with an EXCLUSIVE PATENT (No. 0001406676) because it associates for the first time the properties of Crithmum maritimum with a particular Rosemary extract titrated with 10% carnosic acid.

Acting in synergy, these two substances have proved to be effective in reducing the imperfections caused by localized fat deposits.


Stimulates the production of Beta-endorphins, substances that enhance the reducing action.


Thanks to the high content of carnosic acid, it intervenes on the imperfections due to fat deposits.

The association of Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract has been patented and it has been proven in vitro that it has a mechanism of action capable of combating the causes of the imperfections due to localized fat deposits.

* Slimming consists of a remodelling cosmetic action that does not include any loss of weight.