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From Research Cell-Plus
Supplements to fight cellulite imperfections even from the inside.
The power of Cell-Plus is the possibility to combine products
for internal use with cosmetic treatments.

A slender and toned body is the result of a correct diet combined with the regular use of beauty products and physical exercise. In cooperation with expert nutritionists, Cell-Plus researchers have perfected a 360° body strategy that combines beauty products with dietary supplements based on selected vegetable extracts. The combined beauty products + supplement action guarantees quicker results and the well-being of the body.

Why is it useful to take supplements?

Under normal conditions, a varied and balanced diet should supply all the substances we need to safeguard the beauty and well-being of our body.

Sometimes though, an irregular diet, ageing, or sedentary lifestyle may cause an imbalance that affects our physical aspect too. In this case, the combined action of supplements and cosmetic treatments allows enhancing and accelerating the results.

In+Out Strategy

The Cell-Plus supplements are studied because of the complementarity with Cell-Plus cosmetic specialities. Regularly taken they strengthen the effects of cosmetic treatments and help keep the body light and be in good shape.

The functional principles of cell-plus dietary supplements:

Sweet clover, Pilosella and Phyllanthus niruri

that stimulate draining and promote the elimination of the excess liquid retained in the tissues

Birch, Pineapple and Centella

promoting capillary function and toxin elimination

Coleus Forskohlii, Caffè e Tè Verde

that helps reduce localized fat deposits

Soy isoflavones, Galega, Fenugreek, Bamboo, Liquorice, Hop, Fennel, Primrose oil

that improve the tone and elasticity of the skin tissues.