Cell Plus

For a perfect body every time, choose a healthy lifestyle.

To counteract the imperfections of cellulite, it is necessary to act on several fronts,
simultaneously and every day. Follow our advice.

Cosmetic treatments
win with constancy.

They should be applied every day, morning and / or evening, according to your habits. For those in a hurry, spray products are recommended, to be sprayed directly on critical points without the need to massage them.

Those who prefer cream products, on the other hand, must take care to massage them with light circular movements from the bottom up, to favor their absorption. In both cases, however, at least once a week, it is useful to carry out a scrub to make the skin more receptive.

Taking care of nutrition
is essential.

Avoid drastic diets, which empty the tissues and accentuate the loss of tone and firmness. Instead, get used to eating in a healthy, balanced, controlled and regular way, giving preference to fresh foods (vegetables and fruit), fiber (rice, wholemeal bread and pasta) and fish. Reduce salt and everything that is particularly rich in it (sauces, meats, chips, prepackaged foods, etc.), because salt promotes fluid retention.

Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day, always chew long and calmly, and avoid spirits (a maximum of one glass of wine a day is allowed.

say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle.

Cellulite can be fought with regular physical activity (swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.): movement frees endorphins, the good mood hormones that help to react to stress, allow toxins to be discharged, tones the muscles and promotes combustion of fats.
Can’t you do sports every day? Use the car and the elevator less, walk as soon as possible (for example, while talking on your cell phone) and walk the stairs. Impose yourself a half-hour walk at a brisk pace at least every other day. Also, pay attention to your posture: keep your shoulders straight and your stomach inward, to counteract the muscle relaxation that favors the aggravation of cellulite.

Keep stress
under control.

Excessive nervous tension affects the endocrine system and consequently can worsen cellulite.

For this reason it is useful to reduce those factors that aggravate it (smoking, coffee, alcohol, etc.), stay in the air as much as possible open, sleep regularly and help yourself with gentle methods such as Yoga which, in addition to improving posture and elasticity of the joints, helps to keep stress and nervousness under control and promotes ideal psychological balance.

The 10 good habits

for a perfect body all the time

  • Good nutrition

    Eat regularly, slowly, chewing each bite for a long time. Divide your food into 3 main meals and two snacks and remember that breakfast is the most important meal, while dinner must be light.

  • Fresh is best

    Choose fresh food (fruit and vegetables), eaten in its natural state or dressed with extravirgin olive oil. As to protein, choose between fish and white meat. Cut down on carbohydrates and salt that favours water retention.

  • Water is life

    Drink at least a litre and a half of oligomineral water a day: it stimulates diuresis and helps to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

  • No smoking

    No smoking: smoke prevents correct cell oxygenation, hinders the removal of toxins and speeds skin ageing up.

  • Train your body

    Move as much as possible: walk, climb stairs, make the most of any opportunity to get up and take a few steps. This micro-gymnastics stimulates calorie consumption and helps to maintain a healthy weight.
    Moreover, when you sit for too long, the pressure of your weight slows circulation further and worsens the state of cellulite.

  • Everything in place

    Keep your posture under control, when both sitting and standing. Lift your face, open your shoulders and keep your belly in: good carriage, apart from improving the perception of yourself, helps to keep muscles more toned.

  • Relax

    Learn to relax: stress alters the circulation too and favours the onset and/or worsening of cellulite. If you are about to get irritated, open your shoulders, take a deep breath and try and look at things in a more detached way.

  • Dedicated to you

    If you can every day or, at least, twice a week, dedicate some time to yourself: read, go out, do what you prefer. Do not feel guilty: you deserve it.

  • Love yourself

    Take care of yourself, your face and body. Keep your skin perfectly hydrated, use a scrub cream once or twice a week, use specific products, do not forget hands and feet, take care of your hair and treat yourself to a beneficial massage whenever you can.

  • Sweet dreams

    Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night: sleep is a wonderful beauty treatment. Moreover, recent researches have shown that people who sleep regularly maintain their ideal weight better. On the other hand, those suffering from insomnia grow fat more easily.