Cell Plus


A collection of your most frequent questions

  • My waistline is relaxed and my belly makes me worry about wearing swimwear. What can I do?

    Choose a product targeting the fat deposits localized on the waistline. Perhaps with a time-scheduled action: the coral algae of Cell-Plus High Definition Slimming Cream Belly and Hips helps reduce the imperfections due to fat deposits during the night, while it combats their appearance during the day. The results: day after day the waistline looks reshaped, the skin visibly more toned.

  • I’m expecting a baby and would like to maintain my skin toned and compact for the whole pregnancy

    For you a soft and velvety texture to help you maintain your body skin (belly, legs, buttocks, arms) firm and elastic: Firming Cream with FRV + Hyaluronic Acid 3. The exclusive complex with F.R.V. (a blend of phytoextracts of milk thistle, lady’s mantle, horsetail, soy peptides, wheat, alfalfa and horseradish) helps to improve the skin tone. Its action is completed by high and medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid for prolonged hydration. Ideal to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • I am a normal weight, do regular exercise, follow a balanced diet, how can I improve the orange peel skin look?

    In this case a specific localized beauty treatment can be useful. For a shock treatment, it is good to prepare the skin first with a scrub cream such as Cell-Plus Aqua Scrub: massaged in before a shower or bath, it has a reshaping and smoothing effect. The over 90 trace elements in the Sea Salts present in the formula help contrast water retention and the feeling of heaviness; the Brittany Blue Algae (Gelidium cartilaguineum and Pelvetia canaliculata) help reduce localized fat deposits and cellulite imperfections (remodelling action). Moreover, the massage with the mixture of Sea Salts in different sizes delicately exfoliates the skin and prepares it to receive the specific treatments of the Cell Plus line. The maize, wheatgerm, sweet almond and jojoba Vegetable Oils nourish the skin and make it soft and velvety. Ideal also for Jacuzzi or before entering the sauna: the draining and detoxifying effect will be even more noticeable.
    According to the type of skin, Cell-Plus High Definition for Advanced Stage Cellulite (for resistant and thickened skin), or Cell-Plus High Definition Anti-fluid Cream (for skin with capillaries on the surface) can then be applied.

  • I have pale skin and capillaries on the surface. Can I use Cell-Plus Alta Definizione products?

    Choose active formulations but without a heat effect such as Cell-Plus High Definition Anti-fluid Cream, or Cell-Plus MD Anticellulite White Mud.
    *Skin imperfection

  • I have a resistant skin with no capillaries on the surface. I use shock products but the fat deposits are stubbornly not responding to the treatments, what can I do?

    Dare with “heating” formulations. This effect combined with specific functional substances, helps combat the factors at the origin of the most stubborn cellulite*. First of all, always remember the exfoliating treatment with Aqua Scrub: its salts smoothe the skin, eliminating impurities and dead cells while the mixture of oils softens and helps make thickened and hardened skins elastic. Continue with the regular application of a specific “anti-roundness” cream such as High Definition for Advanced stage Cellulite* or Butter and Salt- Reshaping.
    *Skin imperfection

  • I am young and have a slender frame but I noticed I have orange peel skin on my thighs. How can it be? What do I have to do? 

    Cellulite imperfections are often thought to be associated with fat: this is wrong because they are two very different concepts. In fact, cellulite imperfections affect 90% of women starting from adolescence and not just overweight women, but also slim and waiflike women are affected too. In this case it is necessary to act immediately with a specific treatment for imperfections at an early stage that, acting on the main factors that cause these imperfections, will help you get rid of excess liquid and smoothe the skin. You can try Cold Gel Cream+ Hyaluronic Acid 3 coupled with Firming Cream with FRV + Hyaluronic Acid 3 to maintain tissue elasticity.

  • Is it possible to use combined Cell-Plus products?

    Obviously yes; to discover the treatments more suitable to your requirements, read our “Guide to the use of our products“.

  • Which Cell-Plus products can I use during pregnancy?

    Because of the particular level of certain hormones, during pregnancy, a woman’s skin becomes more sensitive and prone to show sensitivity reactions. Therefore, anticellulite* products that have a stimulating action on the skin, might cause redness and itching.
    Therefore, in this case, we recommend Cell-Plus Firming Cream with FRV and Hyaluronic Acid 3, to be applied on belly, hips and breasts to combat the appearance of stretch marks.
    Moreover, remember that, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, the retention of liquids in the skin because of the hormones is completely normal. Indeed, it would be counterproductive to have any kind of treatment aimed at reducing the volume of liquids in the tissues: a woman needs to accumulate liquid because of the continuous replacement of the amniotic fluid and, then, to produce milk.
    *Skin imperfection

  • I am using High Definition Cream for Advanced Stage Cellulite and have a feeling of heat. What’s the cause of this?

    With the application you might notice a slight redness of the skin that disappears quite quickly, due to the effect of the product.

  • I am on a diet and see that my breasts are emptying. What can I do to maintain them toned and avoid stretch marks?

    Cell-Plus Breast Cream with Lifting Effect is the specific treatment that firms, tones and improves the elasticity of the skin of the breasts thanks to its exclusive Volufilling Complex, a combination of three new-generation active principles (VolufilineTM, Kigelia africana, Quillaja saponaria) capable of performing a triple effect action: lifting, elasticising and firming. Ideal in case of breasts “emptied” by loss of weight, menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding.