Cell Plus

Cellulite* & Slimming

Cell-Plus Slimming Salt Gel

Drains, shapes and tones the silhouette

Size: 200 ml
Suggested price: 30,00€

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Cell-Plus® Slimming Salt is the perfect solution in case of water retention, a fresh and rapidly absorbed gel to reduce the sense of bloating and excess fluids, suitable for all skin types.

It drains, reshapes, firms, and reduces the sense of skin bloating. Its formula is enhanced by the Slimming Activator*, a patented complex of Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract, titrated with 10% Carnosic Acid, which acts on fat deposits and skin imperfections caused by cellulite with an effective lipolytic action. This active ingredient increases the product’s slimming activity by 70%.

A formula studied by Bios Line labs, with clinically proven efficacy and 98% of ingredients from natural origin.

Epsom salt
It is a magnesium salt named after the English city where it was discovered. This natural mineral can attract water from skin tissues, freeing them, by osmosis, from excess liquid. Its draining efficacy helps against feeling bloated and gives an immediate feeling of lightness.

Sea salt
Through osmosis it helps drain excess liquid from tissues, reducing the sense of heaviness.

Rhodysterol from Gelidium cartilagineum
With a “fat burning effect”, it prevents the transformation of preadipocytes in adipocytes.

Pink and Yellow clays
They can absorb and attract excess fluids naturally from tissues, leaving the skin smooth. At the same time, they release precious remineralizing salts.

*Cosmetic action that does not involve any loss of weight.


In case of water retention, ideal to promote skin firmness. Drains and reshapes the body.


Massage morning or evening with circular motions, starting from the ankles up to the abdomen and insisting on areas with higher water retention.


Slimming Activator, Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Rhodysterol from Gelidium cartilagineum, Pink and Yellow Clays.


Without Parabens, Iodine*, Silicones, mineral oils. Dermatologically tested and Nickel tested.

*Traces of iodine may be due to vegetable or sea extracts.