Cell Plus

Cellulite* & Slimming

Cell-Plus Spray Cellulite e Snellimento*

Easy, quick and effective. Against the skin imperfections caused by cellulite and localised fat

Size: 200ml
Suggested price: 31,50€

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The Cell-Plus High Definition Cellulite* and Slimming** Spray helps both against recent and advanced-stage cellulite* and works quickly against the blemishes caused by fatty deposits, thanks to its “patch effect” Spray texture. The multi-directional spray ensures a quick application, also in those areas that are difficult to reach. It is quickly absorbed and you can get dressed immediately after application.

Its formula is enhanced with the Slimming Activator**, a patented complex1 **of Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract, titrated with a 10% Carnosic acid, that acts on localised fat and skin blemishes with an effective lipolytic action. The exclusive Caffeine and Silicon-based Patch Complex creates an invisible film on the skin, like a “sleeve effect” , that gradually releases the ingredients for an intense and prolonged reshaping action.

Finally, thanks to the presence of micronized Blue Algae® from Brittany (Gelidium cartilagineum), it helps against water retention.


To treat skin blemishes caused by cellulite and localised fat. Ideal for those who do not like heavy textures and prefer a quick-absorbing solution.


Apply on the areas to be treated (thighs, hips, waist and arms) once a day for at least 4 weeks, spraying the product from about 10 cm distance for a few seconds. Massage until fully absorbed. Wash your hands carefully after application.


Slimming Activator** (patented mix1 of Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract, titrated with 10% Carnosic acid), Silicon and Caffeine-based Patch Complex, micronized Blue Algae® from Brittany (Gelidium cartilagineum), Carnitine, Vitamin C from citrus fruit.


No Parabens, no Iodine***, no silicones, no mineral oils. Nickel and dermatologically tested.*Skin blemishes. ** The term “slimming” refers to a cosmetic reshaping effect that does not involve weight loss.***Traces of iodine can be due to the presence of vegetable or sea extracts.
1 Slimming Activatro exclusive patent No. 0001406676


Smoother skin in 96,7% of women.
Reduced appearance of fatty deposits on thighs and buttocks in 80% of women.
Firmer skin in 86,7% of women.
Reduced appearance of “orange peel” skin in 76,7% of women.
Instantly absorbed texture in 96,7% of women.

*Self-evaluation test conducted on 60 women for 4 weeks – 30 subjects applied the product with active ingredient (Cell-Plus Spray Anticellulite) and 30 subjects applied a placebo on thighs, belly, hips, buttocks and arms.