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Cell-Plus UP Integratore

Promotes skin trophism and functionality

Size: 90 capsules
Suggested price: 26,00€

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This dietary supplement contains Soybean Isoflavones, Evening Primrose Oil, and vegetable extracts. The Evening Primrose Oil contained in Cell-Plus UP promotes skin trophism and functionality.

When to use it

To enhance the effect of Cell-Plus UP “Lifting Effect” Bust Cream and restore tone and elasticity to bust tissues.

How to use it

Two capsules two or three times a day, taken with a little water, for at least two months.

What it contains

Soybean, Maca, Galega, Fenugreek, Liquorice, Bamboo, Hops, Fennel extracts, and microencapsulated Evening Primrose oil.


Does not interfere with the hormonal system.

Read the instructions on the package.